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It was about 9am on a Saturday morning when Tanya started yelling. "Mom Samantha wet her bed!" I woke up almost right away and was shocked to find my sister in my room yelling that I had wet my bed. As I sat up I felt a wet spot with my foot. It felt like someone had poured water on me well I was sleeping. I quickly covered myself with my sheets and tried to pretend like I was still sleeping. “Tanya what are you yelling about?” asked my mom in a huff. “Mom Samantha wet her bed! Look!” “Tanya leave your sister’s room and let her sleep.” As my sister left my room I could hear trying to suppress an out break of laughter. I felt my mom kiss me on my cheek then she left my room.

I got out of my wet bed and took the sheets off my bed. Went to my closet and got out a clean identical pair of sheets like the ones I had on my bed. Put them on the bed then threw the wet sheets in my laundry basket. Placed it in my closet and closed the door. “I will do these later when my mom goes to work and my sister goes to daycare.” When I was finished I went to the bathroom and took a shower. It felt so good since I was soaking wet and cold. After my shower I put on my weekend outfit and left the bathroom to have my breakfast. My mom was in the kitchen when I came in. “Samantha did you wet your bed last night?” “I didn’t wet the bed; I’m not a baby!” “Samantha many people of all ages wet there bed at times. It is ok if you did.” “No mom I did not wet my bed. Tanya likes to make me mad all the time you know that.” “I know she does and I have already spoken to her about that and she said she will stop.” “Thanks mom.” “Not a problem.”

My sister is like a wart that just wont go away. Always going thru my stuff and never leaves me alone. I ate my breakfast then went to watch some television. Soon after I fell asleep for what felt like minutes but was acutely several hours. It was about 4pm and my mom and sister were gone . So I got up and went to my room to get the wet sheets and wet gown. When I got to my room and opened my closet door my laundry basket was not there. I pinched myself to see if I was still sleeping. “Ouch!!!” I could not believe what I was seeing so I went down stairs again and sat in the couch. A few minutes later I herd my mom’s car pull up. I laid back down and pretended to still be sleeping. “Tanya can you see if your sister is still sleeping. If she is wake her up for supper.” “Ok mommy!” “Sammy mommy says time to get up; Dinner time!”

“I got up I went to the bathroom. I quickly washed up and went to eat my dinner. Nothing was said about my bedwetting so I just forgot about it and finished my supper. “Samantha I painted you a picture today want to see it?” “Sure.” “That’s beautiful Tanya I love it! Thank you.” After we cleaned up I went outside for a little while. I noticed my sheets on the close line. I was not sure what to think but I did not ask any questions. It was about 8pm when I went back inside. My mom told me and my sister it was time to get ready for bed. Me and Tanya went up stairs and put on our night gowns. Then went back down stairs to watch some television.

Everything seemed to be normal like any other Saturday night. My bedtime was 9:30 so I was able to stay up for a little while longer. I was a little sleepy and went up to bed a little early. Just as I was getting into my bed my mom came into my room and asked me if I was feeling well. I told her I was just sleepy and I wanted to go to bed early. “Ok Samantha good night!” “Night mom; Love you.” “Love you to sweaty.” I soon drifted off to sleep. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and felt wet again. I could not understand why I was wetting my bed. I was so scared I started to cry “Samantha honey are you ok?” No mommy I wet my bed. I couldn’t help it, it just happened.” My mom rapped her arms around me which help calm me down.

“Samantha I am concerned with your bedwetting. How long has this been going on, and why haven’t you told me about it?” “Last night and tonight. I was too embarrassed to tell you about it. I thought that it was nothing to worry about.” “Samantha bedwetting is something that many kids and teens your age go through. It is apart of life.” “Monday I will be making an appointment for you to see your doctor.” “No mommy I don’t want the doctor to know!” “Samantha you are not feeling well and you are wetting the bed. I am not sure why you would be wetting the bed so I want to be sure that you are healthy. That is the only reason. As I told you yesterday many people wet the bed, but when they do they go to the doctors to find out why.”

“Mommy I feel fine, I am not sick. I am not going to the doctors.” “Ok Samantha I will not take you to the doctors but you have to promise me that if you wet your bed any more that I you will let me take you to the doctor.” “I Promise mommy.” “Ok now lets get you out of your wet gown and I will change your bed.” My mom changed my bed well I was changing my gown. When my bed was finished I climbed back into bed and covered up. My mom covered me up and kissed me on my fore head and told me it would be ok. When I woke up in the morning I was wet again. Two times in one night! Why was is this happening to me. There was no more clean sheets so I made my bed and covered the wet spot up. Later that day well I was talking with one of my friends on the internet my mom called me into the living room and asked me if I wet the bed again. I told her no.

“Samantha do not lie to me. I will give you one more chance to be honest with me or I will have no choice to take you to see the doctor on Monday.” “Ok fine I wet the bed again. I am not going to the doctor.” “Yes you are young lady! You promised me and we are going.” “No mommy please no!” There was no convincing her I will have to go. Early the next morning I woke up wet again. This time I was not as upset by wetting my bed like I was the first few times. I got dressed and went down for some breakfast. “Samantha I made your appointment and we will be leaving in 1 hour. Be ready” I did as I was told and got ready. When It was time to leave we all got in the car and left. On the ride to the doctors office my sister Tanya pulled my hair and called me a bed wetter.

“Sammy is a bed wetter! Sammy is a bed wetter! You big baby! Only babies wet there beds! Sammy is a baby! Sammy is a ba…” “Tanya stop picking on your sister right now it is not her fault!” “But mom.” “No buts Tanya if you do not stop picking on your sister you will be in your room for the rest of the summer do you understand!” Yes mommy.” I was crying at this point. I just could not take the teasing. I felt so humiliated from my sister. I just wanted to curl up and be alone for the rest of my life. Soon we arrived at the doctors office. We all got out of the car and went inside. There was no way out now. I had to see my doctor.

My doctor walked in to the room and said “Samantha what brings you in to see me today?” I was so scared and nervous the only response I could think of was to cry softly. “Samantha will you come with me. We could talk together alone. OK?” I nodded my head and wiped the tears from my cheeks although my eyes were still tearing. “Samantha what seems to be going on? Are you feeling ok? Is there anything you want me to know before we start?” “I… I… I…” “Its ok Samantha I know why you are here today and I can help you If you tell me more about what has been going on. I would like you to tell me everything that has been going on since you started wetting your bed? OK?” I was surprised in the way she was reacting to my recent bedwetting. I told my doctor everything since the first time I wet the bed.

She reassured me that I was not alone and there are many others my age that still wet the bed. “Samantha I am going to do a physical examination to rule out any physical reason you are wetting the bed.” My doctor asked me to lay on my back and she pressed on my belly but when she did I accidentally started wetting myself. I asked her why this was happening to me. “Samantha I do not know why but I do have another pair of pants you can wear. The doctor left the room and a few minutes later came back in with another pair of pants and what looked like a garbage bag and another bag that was red. I asked her what they were.

“Samantha I am not sure what is causing you to wet yourself. The red bag is for your wet pants, the blue one is a youth absorbent pad and the pants I have for you to change into.” “Absorbent pad? You mean a diaper.” “If that is what you call it yes.” I do not want to wear a diaper! I am not a baby! I can’t wear a diaper! I am too old for diapers!” Samantha I would urge you to wear this just until we figure out what is causing your accidents.” “NO!!!” Just then my mom walked in and asked what all the fuss was all about. “I was just explaining to Samantha that since she had an accident during her exam it is in her best interest to wear an absorbent pad to help protect her from having accidents in her cloths.

“Samantha If the doctor wants you to put this on I suggest you listen.” “NO WAY!!! You have to be kidding.” “This is not a laughing matter. I will have the doctor hold you down well I put it on you if you do not cooperate.” “Fine!!! That diaper is thick. Do you have another kind that is not so thick.” “Acutely I do but I do not think you want to use it.” “Why?” “Well Samantha it is a baby diaper.” “I do not care as long as it is not so thick.” “Samantha do not be upset this is not forever. Diapers are not only for babies. Some people need diapers because they have accidents. Diapers are used for accidents and if one is having accidents a diaper will allow the person to stay dry. Ok I’ll be back in a moment.” The doctor walked out. “Mommy I don’t want to wear a diaper. Why do I need to wear a diaper?”

My mom reached over and hugged me. Then whispered in my ear. “You are a very brave girl you will be ok. Just let me put the diaper on you and we will be on our way.” I hugged my mommy and said “ok.” Here it is Molly I’ll be back in a moment. My mommy put the diaper on me but it was not like I thought it would be. It felt a little weird but the diaper was soft and as I put my pants back on I almost forgot I was wearing a diaper. “See Samantha that was not that bad.” I just looked at her. Just then the doctor walked back in. Samantha I need to talk to your mommy. “Can you go out into the waiting room with your sister please.”

“Ok mommy.” “Sammy what did the doctor say?” “Nothing I think I’ll be fine.” “That’s not what I heard. I heard mommy saying you need diapers. Is that true?” “So what if I do what’s it to you?” “Why do you have to be so mean to me Sammy?” “Because you pick on me all the time and I hate that.” “I’ll stop if you can be nice to me.” “Samantha can you come in for a moment.” “What is it mommy?” “The doctor wants us to go to the hospital for some tests to figure out what is going on?” “When do we have to go?” She wants us to go on Wednesday.” “Why in two days?” “She wants to do the test herself to help you feel more comfortable.” “Ok” “For now though you will need to wear diapers until the appointment.

On the way home my mom stopped at the local store to pick up some diapers and pull-ups for me. The ride was not that long but when we got back home I felt a little wet. I did not want my mom to know that I had an accident so I did not say anything. It was almost lunch time so my mom made us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. During lunch my little sister noticed my diaper then before I could cover it she asked “Mommy why is Samantha wearing a diaper?”

“That reminds me; Tanya I need to put one on you too.” Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped like she saw a ghost. Then with a loud thud she jumped to her feet and screamed “WHAT!!!”. “NO!!! I will not I am a big girl and I will not wear a diaper!!!” “She ran from the room and up to her bedroom then slammed the door. My mom was not having any of that. She opened the bag and took out what looked like a tee shirt but it had snaps at the bottom. She also took out a diaper, a bottle of powder, and a tube of rash cream. Then she asked “ Samantha can you come with me I may need your help.”

As we got to Tanya’s bedroom door it was locked. “Tanya If you do not open this door right now I will remove the door and then you will not have any privacy.” Tanya unlocked the door and opened it slowly. My mom opened the door the rest of the way and entered. “Tanya I am putting you back in diapers so you will not make fun of your sister. Do not make this harder then it already is.” “NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! I won’t!” she screamed. My mom took Tanya by the arm and picked her up. She then placed her on her bed and asked me to hold her so she would not get up. “Tanya please stay still. I do not want to wear diapers either but please do what mommy is asking.

Tanya started to relax so my mom asked me to let her go.” She undressed Tanya as if she was a baby. Then put the diaper under her.” “I could see Tanya was really upset because I could see she was starting to cry softly. When the rash cream and powder was applied mom lifted the diaper up between Tanya’s legs and secured the diaper in place. “Tanya can you please sit up?” Tanya sat up and my mom put the shirt with buttons on her. “Lay back down now.” she instructed Tanya. When Tanya laid back down my mom took her by the ankles and lifted her but off the bed and pulled the bottom of the shirt down and lowered her back to the bed. She pulled the front of the shirt down then buttoned the shirt between her legs. Then she put Tanya’s cloths back on. After she was done she explained

“Tanya If I catch you trying to unbutton your shirt I will put you in time out and if I catch you trying to remove your diaper at any time I will ground you and your door will be removed. Do you understand me?” With watery eyes and a sniffle she said “Yes mommy I understand. I will not take them off.” “Now Samantha I think it is time to change you out of that diaper. It is a little to big for you.” As my mom started to change me she had noticed I was wet and asked me If I now I was wet. I said. “I had to go potty in the car on the way home but I thought since I was wearing a diaper it would be ok.” “Samantha If you have to go potty you can tell me and I will remove your diaper so you can go potty.” “Well it’s too late for that now lets change you.

My mommy changed my diaper just like she did Tanya and put the same kind of tee shirt on me as she did for Tanya. “Samantha the same rules apply to you as they do for Tanya. If you have to go potty and want to use the toilet then just say so.” “Ok mommy.” “Thursday I will be dropping you girls off at your aunts house for a few days. You can hang out with your cousins.” She then smiled and said “you will be ok now go play.” I went to watch some TV but ended up falling asleep again. I had a weird dream. I was standing in a big room and their were 8 cribs two on each side of the room, Their was some toys in the middle of the room that was enclosed by a 5 foot high playpen type sides and a changing table in between the bedroom windows. Everything was big and it looked like kids my age were sleeping in the cribs. Before I could find out who was sleeping in the cribs. I found myself in another room it looked like my bathroom. I felt the need to pee so I sat on the potty and peed.

After I had gone potty the dream changed again and this time I found myself in my school but I was wearing only a diaper. I ran down the hall but it felt like the hall was getting longer and longer. I kept running until I ran into my cousin. “Sammy are you wearing a diaper?” “No!!!” “Yes you are why are you wearing a diaper? Diapers are for babies.” “Hey everyone Sammy needs to wear diapers. Everyone ran out into the hall to see and started laughing at me. Then I heard someone calling from a distance “Samantha!!! Samantha!!! Samantha!!!” I woke up to find my sister shaking me. “Are you ok Samantha? You were screaming.”  I looked around the room and realized it was only a dream. I think so I had a bad dream.

The next few days went by fast and even the visit to the hospital was not that bad. Tanya got checked out too. The doctor explained “Now girls this is what is going on. Samantha as you already know you have been wetting your bed at night lately. The bad part is that you will soon be wetting yourself during the day for some time. The doctor is not sure how long it will be but it will get better after awhile. Now what you both are going to experience is something that is genetic and skips generations. The wall of muscles that are suppose to keep your urine inside until find a place to go will stop growing and will stretch as your body grows. When this happens you will at first be unable to control your bladder on an unconscious level; Such as sleeping for long periods of time. The bladder muscles will continue to stretch as time goes on, and you will slowly become unable to control your bladder during the day because you will not know when you are wetting. It will just happen and nothing can be done about it. There is no cure for this disorder because it only happens to 1% of the world population.

There is also no set age for you to stop growing but the doctor did tell me you will most likely stop growing around the ages of 17-22.” "Samantha do you have anything you want to ask?” “No” “Tanya is there anything you want to ask?” “Will I be the same age as Samantha when it happens to me?” We are not sure but yes it will happen around her age.” I was informed I would need diapers for a long time but I was starting to like wearing diapers. since I started wearing them I don't have to run to the potty every time I have to go. I never liked having to go when I was having fun. Now If I have to go potty I can keep playing and go potty in my diaper.

It was Wednesday night and after we ate dinner my mom said “After I clean up I will be giving you two bath’s then you need to go to bed. “Why so early mommy? My bed time is not till 9.” “I have to go away for a few days and I will be taking you two over to Aunt Sally’s house.” “Aunt Sally’s! but, NO! I will not go!” I screamed then ran to my room. I could not believe it mom was going to bring us to my aunts house for a few days. My cousin’s were going to be there and they would find out that I have to wear diapers all the time. “Samantha!” “What?” “Go up to the bathroom I will be up in a few minutes.” “Fine!” I hate my life!

My mom came up and removed my diaper and I got in the tub as she started washing my hair she asked. “What is bothering you Samantha? You have always loved to visit your aunt?” “Yes but I did not have to wear diapers than.” “Is that what is bothering you?” “Yes!” “Well for your information Meredith has to were diapers to bed too.” “She does!” “Yes” “Your aunt has made special arrangements to make your stay as comfortable as possible” “How?” We have talked and thought it would be appropriate for you and Meredith to share a room and be diapered at all times. Meredith is ok with diapers so it will not be a problem.” “I steeped out of the tub and mom wrapped a towel around me, dried me off and placed the towel on the floor. “Samantha please lie on the towel so I can put a diaper on you. Mom did her thing then dressed me.  “Ok go watch T.V. but if you have to go potty I want you to use your diaper.” “What ever!” “Tell your sister it is time for her bath.”

“Tanya bath time.” “Samantha why are you waddling like a baby.” “Shut up Tanya! Just go take your bath.” Soon after Tanya came back down stairs. “Wow Samantha these diapers really make it hard to walk. I am sorry for teasing you” “What ever Tanya you always do it and it is getting old.” “You pick on me to sometimes.” “So what if I do I am your older sister and that is what big sisters do. Get yousto it.” My mom cleaned up the bathroom and then called us up to bed. It took me a while to fall asleep but once I did I had the same dream again but this time Meredith was playing in the playpen in the middle of the room. I joined her until I had to go potty but I remembered what mom said. No potty I needed to use my diapers.

No sooner I thought that I was in the bathroom. I was not wearing a diaper so I used the potty. After I was done I washed my hands and I was once more back in the baby room but this time I was in the crib and the lights were dim as it was nap time. I laid down and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to find I was not in the crib but I was in my own bed and could not understand why I kept having the same dream. I was soaking wet and needed my diaper to be changed. Although the diaper did not leak I was feeling clammy. “Mommy can you change my diaper?” I asked. “No Samantha I do not have any more diaper’s that is why I put you girls in cloth diapers last night. Your aunt has extra diapers for you so you will have to wait until we get there to be changed.” “Girls put on your shoes and jackets we will be leaving in a few minutes.” We did as we were told but as I was putting on my jacket I had to pee but held it in.

“Ok are we ready lets go.” We got in the car and left. It was going to be a 45 minute ride to Aunt Sally’s house so I started to read a book. About 20 minutes after we left home I felt a warming feeling in my diaper but did not worry about it. “Here we are.” We arrived at my aunts house and got out went up to the door and Tanya rang the bell. Emily answered the door “Welcome girls how are you doing?” We said nothing until mom said “GIRLS! Your cousin asked you a question.” We both said fine at the same time. I said jinks and ran from Tanya. Tanya chased after me yelling “you cant do that .Not fair” “Some things never change Molly do they?” “No not at all. How are you doing?” “I’m fine come on in .”

I ran straight up to Meredith’s room she was sitting on her bed. Meredith is my age with light brown hair and baby blue eyes. “Hey Sammy!” We ran over to each other and hugged for what seemed like forever. Then Meredith asked me if I was wearing a diaper. I told her I was. “Me too see” “Mommy said I had to wear one for as long as you were going to be here. I told her that I would not mind because you are like my best friend and will do anything to see you. Aspecially since you are going to be here for a few days.” “Cool”. “Let me see yours?” “Ok” When I showed Meredith my diaper she just smiled then hugged me again. “Sammy I think you went pee, pee in your diaper.” I did?” “Look. See it is all squishy.”

I want to wet my diaper to but I do not have to go right now.” Meredith you are a true friend. So were is your mom?” “She went out for some supply’s for the next few days. I guess it’s the diapers and stuff for us. Emily is babysitting us well she is gone. If you need to be changed you can ask her.” “Ok I said” Tanya walked in to the room and told us Emily and Mommy wanted to talk with us. We all walked to the living room were everyone was. “Girls here is what is going to happen. Emily is in charge until your aunt returns. If you need a diaper change all you have to do is ask. Samantha and Tanya I will check you before I leave but after that your Cousin Emily or your Aunt or Uncle will be changing your diaper. You are not allowed to change yourself and especially not allowed to change each other. Under stood?” “Yes mommy.” Tanya said That’s fine with me.” I said.

It was almost 9 when mom called “Girls I’m leaving diaper checks. I walked over to her and she checked me. “Lets change your diaper Samantha you are soaked.” Mom changed me then did the same for Tanya. “Ok girls I love have fun and don’t get in to any trouble.” “We wont mommy.” Love you. “Love you to Samantha. Tanya I love you.” “Love you to mommy.” My mom left so we went back to Meredith’s room. Around 11 Emily came in and said nap time.” “Nap time?” I asked. “Yes Samantha you girls will be taking naps well you are here I hope that you are not upset. “Kind of we don’t take nap’s anymore.” “Well here we do So we went up to take our nap.

We were so exhausted it did not take us long to fell asleep. We slept so deeply that nothing could wake us. It was not until Aunt Sally came in. “Girls time to get up it is almost dinner.” We woke up right away “Dinner is ready but before you go you kids needed to have your diapers changed. One by one our diapers were changed then we went to dinner. Emily was in the kitchen cooking for us. It was pouring rain outside so it was not an option weather we could go outside and play. We all sat down and had our dinner then we watched The Little Mermaid. Aunt Sally came in “Girls after the movie is over I will check your diapers then It up to bed.

Once the movie was over I needed my diaper changed but Tanya and Meredith did not. Well good night girls time for bed. We all went up to Meredith’s bedroom and climbed into bed. Tanya told me she had been holding her pee for so long she could not hold it any longer and she not only peed but she pooped at the same time. Aunt sally came in to tuck us in and found Tanya’s accident. “Lets clean you up.” She changed Tanya’s diaper and tucked us all in then turned out the lights and we all fell asleep till morning.

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Posted on 03:05AM on Jun 19th, 2012
This is starting to make sense now :-)
Posted on 03:41PM on Jun 19th, 2012
Hey I'd love to get to know you better I love this story so much
Posted on 09:57AM on Jun 23rd, 2012
Great Story I wish I was in this story ! lol
Posted on 04:02AM on Jul 10th, 2012
Your stories are amazing so you must keep writing them :)
Posted on 09:59AM on Jul 17th, 2012
when u making part 2
Posted on 06:06PM on Aug 13th, 2012
When is Sammy going to realize she needs to poop and will she be really embarrassed and try to hold it in?
Posted on 06:10AM on Aug 27th, 2012
You legend I was hoping it would be back soon
Posted on 07:09PM on Mar 14th, 2013
cool story
Posted on 11:31AM on Jul 24th, 2013
It's ok but I thought they were suppose to be teens and they talk like five year olds
Posted on 11:32AM on Jul 24th, 2013
I mean teens don't say mommy or potty teens say crap and ur ruining my life and I hate u,that kind of stuff
Posted on 08:01PM on Nov 17th, 2013
I really love wearing diapers and I also REALLY loved your story
Posted on 03:23AM on Oct 13th, 2014
Here is a link to pampered full story
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